Behavioral Health

People presenting with behavioral health issues are entering emergency rooms, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, ambulatory care centers and other healthcare facilities at increasingly higher rates.

The LMP has helped labor and management address this emerging trend in several ways:

Mental Health First Aid

Eight hours of training provided by nationally certified trainers. The training includes:

  • Overview of risk factors and warning signs of mental-health concerns and substance-use problems
  • Information on depression, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and substance abuse
  • Five-step action plan to support someone in a mental-health crisis
  • Skill practice through role plays, scenarios and activities
  • How to apply the action plan in a variety of situations, including:
    • Panic attacks
    • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors
    • Self-injury
    • Acute psychosis (e.g., hallucinations or delusions)
    • Overdose or withdrawal from alcohol or drug use
    • Reaction to a traumatic event

    Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative Launched in February 2018, the LMP provided participating nursing home leaders and front-line staff with information, best practices, and skills to improve behavioral health care for residents through a series of seminars. Participating organizations also received support in establishing labor-management behavioral health committees and process improvement initiatives.

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