Francois-Edy Philippe

Labor Management Consultant II
(212) 894-4312

Francois-Edy Philippe started his professional career as a civil engineer in Haiti. Soon after, Francois entered the field of education as a French literature teacher in various high schools in Port-au-Prince. The desire to broaden his education and deepen his knowledge brought him to New York City, where he joined the Board of Education of the City of New York, first as a paraprofessional, then as a special education teacher devoted to helping children with various learning disabilities. While teaching, he enrolled at Teachers College and earned a masters degree in Education and Psychology. He taught in the New York City public school system for 12 years.

In 1998, inspired by the work of his younger sister, a pediatrician practicing at the Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, Francois decided to return to his native land. He joined the staff of the institution as the special assistant to the CEO and as a project director for various programs, among others a Rotary Club-sponsored malaria eradication program. In 2001, he returned to New York City and worked at Maimonides Medical Center as a developer (an internal labor-management consultant). He joined the staff of the Labor Management Project in 2005.

Currently, Francois works with management and union representatives from different hospitals and nursing homes in New York and New Jersey. He focuses primarily on helping management and labor maximize their relationships in order to provide the best quality of care to their patients and residents. He helps clients understand the nature of change and the importance of inclusion at all levels in implementing changes. Francois provides coaching to clients and guides them through process improvement initiatives. He has been a speaker at various conferences and has co-authored public health articles published in The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Francois has a Masters degree in Education and Psychology from Teachers College.

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