The goal of the hospital-based projects is to explore the notion of labor-management participation as an alternative labor relations strategy, and to demonstrate its value as a means to address important operational changes and to build capacity of frontline leadership to drive and lead joint work. It is also a means of engaging all levels of workforce to make changes that enhance quality of their worklife.. At each site, different projects, unique to the particular institution are selected. The LMP assists institutions with strategic thinking and planning, coordinates internal resources for clients, and works with co-leads on skill building and strengthening labor-management relationships. Projects range from designing patient focused care units and ambulatory clinics to reengineering and work system changes.

Some past projects include:

  • Providing training and program support, at 3 large hospitals, through the Green Grant. This resulted in one institution reducing its total waste portfolio cost by 108,500, while another institution avoided approximately $5,000 in waste expenses and saved over $200,000 by reducing its proportion of regulated medical waste from 55% to 3%
  • Providing training and education for 18 hospitals through the Infection Prevention Control Campaign, in partnership with the greater New York Hospital Association. Notable measureable improvements include increased hand hygiene compliance from 82% to 95% among nurses at one institution, while another cut the rate of surgical site infections by 11%; Methicillin-Resistant Staph infections by 36% and ICU Central Line Associated infections by 92%Working with joint teams in a large heath care system on process improvement strategies, with one team alone generating over $20 million in cost savings for the system;
  • Assisting a major hospital in an organizational change effort aimed at increasing patient and employee satisfaction
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