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The LMP designs and delivers skill-building workshops for front-line union leaders, delegates, executive leadership, middle managers and other healthcare professionals. Our programs bring labor and management together to learn how to work collaboratively and create innovative solutions for healthcare challenges. Our trainers collectively bring decades of training and development experience to each tailored session.

All sessions incorporate adult-learning principles and are highly participative, using real-world examples to maximize learning. Training sessions are offered at 330 West 42nd Street in Manhattan. Customized, site-based training is also available, developed to meet the specific needs of healthcare provider organizations. Program offerings include:

  • Building and Sustaining Effective Teams provides union and management leaders with the blueprint for establishing highly effective joint teams.
  • Facilitation Skills equips participants with the skills needed to deliver effective meetings that include all stakeholders, manage conflicting viewpoints, create a participatory environment, foster accountability and drive results.
  • Meeting Skills provides a step-by-step process for planning and executing effective meetings that uses proven tools and techniques, such as developing a meeting purpose, establishing an agenda and defining meeting expectations and outcomes.
  • Managing Conflict is designed to help develop self-awareness (using the DiSC personal assessment tool) and equip participants with the skills and tools necessary to resolve conflict productively and mine the opportunities that conflict brings to the surface. Participants must complete a DiSC Online Assessment prior to attending the workshop (two-day training).
  • Cultural Competency develops awareness, knowledge and competence to assist with effectively delivering healthcare services that meet the social, cultural and linguistic needs of patients, families, staff and the community.
  • Interest-based Problem Solving teaches participants a process that identifies the underlying needs and interests of individuals involved in conflict, and provides a structured process to generate agreements that are mutually beneficial.
  • Public Speaking helps participants develop a clear, concise and informative message, engage their audience, practice effective communication techniques, use tools to stay on track and create a personal delivery style (two-day training).
  • Joint Leadership brings pairs of middle- and senior-level union and management leaders together to improve collaboration. Participants learn how to avoid common pitfalls of collaborative leadership that can erode relationships and detract from the mission of improving patient care and organizational effectiveness.


Video Tools

Ladder of Inference

Ladder of Inference

The Ladder of Inference describes an often unconscious thinking process that we go through to get from a fact to a decision or action. By using the Ladder of Inference, you can learn to focus on facts and use beliefs and experiences to positive effect, rather than allowing them to narrow your field of judgment.

Stages of Group Development

Stages of Group Development

Groups go through recognizable and predictable stages of development. Knowing what happens in these stages, how to plan for them, and what to do when a group gets “stuck” is important for facilitators and group members alike. The stages are Form, Storm, Norm, Perform, and Adjourn/Transform.

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