Interactive and popular with nurses, the Registered Nurse Labor Management Initiative (RNLMI) symposium covers current and emerging trends in nursing, identifying ways that labor-management partnerships can maximize or manage their effects. Interactive and popular with nurses, it stimulates personal as well as professional development. Nurses enhance their skills to remain marketable and to help set future trends and change cultural norms.

2019 Materials

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The ninth annual symposium, “Nurses, Leading with Hearts and Minds,” was held on in Brooklyn, New York on November 27. The focus was on how RNs can lead the healthcare industry into the future, while building a culture of productivity and exceptional quality of care, in collaboration with all members of the healthcare team.

2018 Materials

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The 2017 RNLMI Symposium convened in Brooklyn, New York, on December 1. Presenters from leading healthcare systems explained how trends like telehealth and population health can be used to improve access to care, to improve care quality and to engage patients in managing their own health.

2017 Materials

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Opportunity: Moving from Hospitals to Healthcare Systems (PowerPoint)
presentation by Jeffrey Kraut, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Analytics, Northwell Health