In partnership with hospitals, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers throughout the Metro-New York region and Upstate New York, the Labor Management Project has helped facilitate organizational change leading to substantial, measurable outcomes. These documents highlight the challenges faced by our partners  and the results stemming from successful labor-management partnerships.

Partnership Success Stories

Partnership Success Stories document challenges, solutions, and results of labor-management partnerships supported by the LMP/RNLMI. Read about the successful initiatives here.

The Power of Partnership

Case studies of labor-management work by the LMP and its partners.

Patient-Centered Care

The LMP’s Patient-Centered Care (PCC) program includes a one-day, eight hour training for 1199SEIU service workers and non-union supervisory staff, followed by support to labor-management process improvement teams aimed at improving the patient experience.  This mixed-methods evaluation measured the impact of the PCC initiative.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Literature Reviews