The Program

Our Workplace Mediation Program provides training and technical support to enhance workplace relationships and teamwork through mediation. We develop trained, site-based teams composed of labor and management representatives who provide a formal mediation mechanism to resolve interpersonal workplace conflicts. The program includes training, follow-up and program development aimed at reducing workplace conflicts, grievances and disciplinary actions.

Our Support

  • Site-based union and management mediators receive a five-day, 40-hour training program.
    • Days one through three are didactic and experiential. Participants learn individual conflict styles, stages of the mediation process, mediator code of ethics and conflict-settlement techniques.
    • Days four and five involve mock mediation using real-case scenarios. Each mock mediation round includes a debriefing and group discussion to identify strengths and areas for improvement for the mediators-in-training.
  • The LMP provides mediators who have completed the 40-hour training with documented observation, evaluation, coaching and skill-building over a period of months, to support learning and mastery during real mediation cases. Additional coaching and skill-building may be provided individually or in a group setting, depending on the number and needs of trained mediators.
  • The LMP works with labor and management to establish systems to publicize, implement, monitor and evaluate an ongoing workplace mediation program at individual or multiple healthcare sites.
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