The Program

Process Improvement (PI) is an approach designed to help organizations redesign operations to enhance the quality and efficiency of service delivery. PI examines how work in healthcare can be done more effectively by identifying the root causes of issues and engaging all workers in finding improvement solutions. The LMP and RNLMI build the skills of labor and management partners to facilitate PI projects and measure their results, using a variety of PI approaches including PDSA, LEAN and Workout. Process improvement can be undertaken at departmental, unit or cross-departmental levels.

Our Support

LMP and RNLMI professionals with experience and expertise in process improvement methodology direct and facilitate process improvement projects with labor and management partners. LMP support includes:

  • Assessment to determine specific areas for improvement
  • Establishment of interdisciplinary PI teams
  • Training and support for labor and management PI team co-leads
  • PI facilitation and coaching
  • Measurement, evaluation and reporting