The Program

Our Patient-/Person-Centered Care Program (PCC) is an innovative initiative that improves patient or resident care, staff satisfaction and labor-management collaboration in healthcare settings. It consists of:

  • An 8-hour, customizable, interactive training program that engages an entire healthcare team—union and non-union staff–using simulations, interactive exercises and other adult-learning principles. Participants learn about healthcare reform and value-based payments, consumer surveys (HCAHPS, CGCAHPS), relational coordination and teamwork, communication tools, culturally competent care, process improvement and self-care.
  • A team-focused process-improvement project that provides healthcare teams the opportunity to put their PCC skills into practice and improve patient care and patient experience. This process-improvement work contributes to improved teamwork and communication across titles and departments, in addition to measurable, patient-centered outcomes, such as improved HCAHPS or CGCAHPS scores.
  • A train-the-trainer program and sustainability planning to ensure a broad and enduring impact. This three-day curriculum provides practical PCC facilitation experience to union members and management staff who can then deliver the 8-hour training to colleagues at their place of work.

Our Support

Skilled labor-management organizational development consultants provide a wide array of services aimed at strengthening collaboration.

  • The 8-hour training is delivered by experienced LMP trainers. Training includes all materials, participant guides, meals, evaluations, and evaluation reports.
  • LMP professionals with experience and expertise in process improvement methodology direct and facilitate the process improvement project with labor and management partners. LMP support includes facilitation, training and support to labor and management team co-leads, communications, metrics and evaluation.
  • The train-the-trainer program is provided by LMP staff experienced in supporting and coaching other trainers. LMP staff deliver the training, observe and coach the trained trainers, and offer feedback and support. In addition, they work with labor-management teams to produce a customized PCC sustainability plan, which can include ongoing PCC training, integration into a site’s New Employee Orientation and in-service training schedule, and other communications strategies.
  • Read our Patient-Centered Care Initiative Follow-Up Evaluation Report for results