The Program

Our program provides support to organizations to address workplace violence. Healthcare workers experience substantially higher risks of injury due to violence, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s studies. The sources of workplace violence are patients/residents, co-workers, visitors or intruders. The program supports organizations to provide safe environments for people to live, work, visit and heal.

Our Support

The LMP offers experienced consultants who provide training and technical assistance.

  • Assessment of a facility’s current policies and practices. Identifying areas for improvement
  • Interdisciplinary training in workplace violence skill development. Five 60-to-90-minute modules are offered:
    • Overview
    • Facility-based assessment and identification of risk factors
    • Intervention skills, including diffusing volatile situations, progressive behavioral-control techniques and response-action planning
    • Active-shooter protocols
    • Sustaining training
  • Support to sustain a safe environment:
    • Regular drills–all shifts
    • Orientation of new staff
    • Establishing a Labor-Management Interdepartmental Safety Committee