On December 6th, more than 500 1199SEIU nurses and nurse managers gathered at the tenth annual 1199SEIU League Registered Nurse Labor Management Initiative (RNLMI) Nursing Symposium, “The Real Hand-off in Healthcare: Disruption.”

The goal of the annual Symposium is to provide 1199SEIU nurses with the tools and skills required to understand important trends in nursing. This year, participants were challenged to consider how the nursing profession can, and should, take a larger role in healthcare disruption to challenge the status quo. Presenters emphasized how nurses are well-positioned to introduce and test disruptive innovations that improve patient care and advance nursing practices. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in a Dementia Live Simulation and engage with presenters via interactive poster boards.

Dan Weberg, PhD, RN, Head of Clinical Innovation at Trusted Health, delivered a stirring keynote address titled, “Creating Cultures of Innovation During Disruption in Healthcare.” Dr. Weberg urged participants to recognize the opportunity that nurses have to lead the creation of innovative environments and cultures where information and passion converge to create something new. Dr. Weberg urged nurse leaders to gain a better understanding of what innovation really is and the leadership competencies needed to support it.

A diverse set of panelists led a discussion on the many forms of healthcare. Panelists discussed how innovation does not need to be physical in nature – new processes and organizational structures, new leadership styles and patient care models can all be innovations. Dr. Weberg encouraged participants to think of innovation in healthcare as anything that drives change and redefines healthcare’s potential.

In the afternoon, breakout sessions provided participants with educational and professional development opportunities in a collaborative setting. Subjects included: Removing the Neutral Mask – Being More Human in a New Culture of Healthcare; Nurses as Everyday Innovators: Can Simulation Help You Disrupt the Status Quo?; I Know What to Do, So Why Don’t I Do It? The Role of Stress; Staffing for Patient-Centered Care; Boomer vs. Millennial: Fact or Fiction; and Communication Skills for Leadership.

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