The Labor Management Project (LMP) is committed to sharing the benefits of labor and management collaboration, which is why we have added two new features to our collection of Partnership Success Stories.

Changing the Culture of Health Through Partnership tells the story of the partnership between the LMP’s Workplace and Community Health Program (WCHP), Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan and 1199SEIU. WCHP assisted an on-site Labor Management Wellness Committee to design and implement a robust communications plan aimed at increasing employee attendance and participation at a May 2018 health fair. The effort achieved a 28 percent increase in participation over the previous year – 249 employees received two or more biometric screenings at the health fair in 2018 compared with 195 in 2017.

Partnering and Problem-solving to Improve Behavioral Health Services recounts the support LMP provided to Interfaith Medical Centers’ Center for Mental Health (CMH). Struggling with an inefficient intake system and high call volume, the CMH established a labor-management Self-Directed Care Team (SDCT) to pinpoint inefficiencies and identify solutions. The LMP facilitated a process mapping exercise to visually diagram the steps in the intake process. Through this work, the team launched a new phone tree and hired a dedicated intake worker. As a result, call back-logs were eliminated and all messages are now being returned promptly, with a 95 percent increase in intakes, comparing April 2018 (59 intakes) to April 2019 (115 intakes).

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