Reducing Workplace Violence

For many long-term care organizations, violence in nursing homes is a growing problem, impacting residents, staff and families.


In October 2014, the LMP hosted a kick-off conference on workplace violence, sponsored by the New Directions and Innovations Committee (NDIC). This collaborative event, led by union and management leadership, was created to raise awareness about violence in nursing homes. Prominent guest speakers presented during the conference including Josephine Bottita, the Director of Business and Consulting at BHL Insurance and Jeanne Devine, a practicing Psychologist and the Director of Training at PsychAssociate Group. Throughout the day, attendees participated in a variety of workshops focused on how to manage workplace violence, improve facility-based policies and impact proposed state legislation to expand protection for all healthcare workers.


For the next 18 months, six nursing homes throughout New York City will participate in a labor-management collaborative created to continue improvement efforts in reducing incidences of violence. The LMP will also develop a workplace violence curriculum to conduct train-the-trainer sessions and provide ongoing support. Through a series of forums, participants will have the opportunity to share successes, lessons learned and best practices.


For more information, please contact Labor Management Consultant Paul Padial at [email protected] or 212-894-4301.

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