Diabetes rates are three times higher in New York City’s low-income neighborhoods than in its high-income ones. They are also higher among Blacks and Latinos than among whites, and the same holds true for heart disease and high blood pressure.

The LMP is committed to working together with the union and management to address this problem as it affects 1199SEIU members. As members of the communities they serve, 1199SEIU members are at high risk, with tens of thousands affected by these chronic diseases or at risk of developing them. Promoting a healthy workforce translates to higher productivity and lower costs for employers as well as greater life satisfaction for employees.

Our Workplace and Community Health Program is supporting the development of worksite wellness programs at 1199SEIU worksites and other supports in the community. Two exciting initiatives are underway:

  • A survey of League hospital Wellness programs that will establish a citywide inventory of current worksite wellness programs, services and policies.
  • Piloting the National Diabetes Prevention Program with 1199SEIU members at their place of work, in a yearlong, evidence-based lifestyle change initiative called the 1199SEIU Diabetes Prevention Program.

As we roll out our robust new program, we will keep you up to date on our progress and how you can get involved.

The 1199SEIU/League Workplace and Community Health Program is sponsored and overseen by a committee composed of representatives from 1199SEIU, the Training & Employment Funds, the National Benefit Fund, and the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes of New York.

Read more about our workplace wellness programs.

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