To document some of our successes here at the Labor Management Project, we publish a collection of brief case studies called Partnership Success Stories. We just added eight new ones to the collection on this page of our website.

The LMP works with hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare organizations throughout the metropolitan New York region to enhance quality of care, improve patient and staff satisfaction and operational effectiveness and performance, and increase worker involvement, through collaborative labor-management partnerships. For the new reports, our research team spoke with labor-management teams at the eight sites to discuss challenges, solutions, and results from each of the following projects:

  • Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center boosted sustainability for change initiatives and patient-centered care through leadership development of frontline workers.
  • Montefiore Hutchinson’s Urology Department improved the patient waiting room experience by reducing waiting times and improving communication with patients about delays.
  • Maimonides Medical Center’s 9th Avenue Center improved patient satisfaction by reducing visit cycle time for routine gynecology and obstetric patients.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital improved the patient experience and patient satisfaction by instituting purposeful hourly rounding and Peer-to-Peer Observational Feedback.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital enhanced employees’ understanding of patient-centered care and developed employees’ communication and customer service skills.
  • Mount Sinai Queens improved outcomes in three separate projects:
    • Reducing delays when transporting patients from cardiology inpatient units to radiology for testing.
    • Streamlining the test preparation process in cardiology imaging by organizing and creating a system for managing equipment and supplies.
    • Significantly reducing the number of first appointment cancellations and delays among cardiology inpatients scheduled for an MRI.
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